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This Was a Wonderful Monday

Written by Cyle Clayton

Mondays are not usually great days. I mean, only the sickest of optimists looks forward to Monday morning, right? And, for pastors, Mondays have special import. Mondays, you see, are the number one day that pastors resign. Why, you ask? Well, they were hoping Sunday would turn everything around and it didn't.

Well, I wasn't planning on resigning today, but I really wasn't looking forward to this Monday. I won't bore you with all the details, but I had far more to do today that I could do. So, I backed out of an early morning prayer meeting with pastors and an evening denominational board meeting and focused on the mission. Praying for people expressing God's love through acts of compassion and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That's what I've been preaching, and that's what I want to do.

Now, my hope was simply to get to see everyone I needed to see, to do some good, and to make it home in one piece spiritually and emotionally. But, my goal was to live this day on mission. So, off I went, and God did not disappoint.

I met an elder in a nursing home, inquired about his faith and family, and then got to hold a shallow dish while he vomited violently. The first round went all over him, I called for the nurse and grabbed a shallow bowl and held it for him as he continued to be sick. He was so embarrassed, but I was so glad to be there, holding that bowl, and reassuring him.

Next door a church member was taking care of his wife. I went in to encourage and pray, but he wanted to talk about the movie at church last night, how it impacted him, and how he had made the hallway outside his wife's room his mission field, loving and sharing the Gospel of Christ with all he could. It was 1 Timothy lived out. Caring for your own while caring for others and sharing the Gospel.

I travelled to another town to see a hospice patient, share the faith, pray, and then make my way to Shreveport for hospital visits. I, and two other people, needed help navigating the maze of hallways to find the rooms and people we were looking for. That's when God led us to encounter a six-and-a-half foot tower of joy. He worked at the hospital, led us to the right door, punched in the code and said, "The Lord bless you!" It was a joy to see him so filled with joy in a simple act of kindness. I found the family, they were doing well, we prayed and gave God thanks and I made my way across town to another hospital where I was so blessed. I watched a father be the hands and feet of Christ as he cared for a very sick son, and then we all prayed together asking for divine healing and intervention.

On my way home, I nearly ran over one of our elders, who had been working, but also taking care of a family member. Again, living life on mission. He was praying, caring, and sharing with his primary mission field - his family.

I pulled up to the church just in time to welcome a group of at-risk kids who play basketball once a month with some Christian men who pray for them, show the love of Christ by playing ball with them, and share the Gospel and truth of God's Word with them. My job was to provide a gym and share my testimony. There were two law enforcement officers present - both of them believers. Both of them doing this because they are living on mission, not because they get paid anything extra for doing it. Two guys from our church came and camped out with the kids as sponsors. One of the guys is out of work, and one is about half sick from the crud that everyone has, but they were there . . . caring . . . serving.

I know the world is imploding, but the mission hasn't changed. I know things are crazy in America, but the Gospel is still the power of God that saves. I've spent so many Mondays sitting around playing "Ain't it awful." Thank God I didn't have time today to do that. I didn't just get to be part of the mission today. I got to see the mission being lived out. Some think that only young people are willing to live life on mission, but I saw the very old, the old, middle aged, and millennials on mission today. I saw those who were willing living on mission.

What did I learn today? Get out there! Open your eyes! I didn't get it all done today. There are people I wanted to see, books I needed to read, scripture I needed to study, and plans I needed to make . . . all of which didn't get done. But, this was no resignation Monday. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.

Wonderful testimony by Cyle Clayton…reprinted with permission

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