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Fulfilling Two Jobs

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How do you juggle two jobs and get everything done? How do you juggle two jobs and get everything done?

The past several years I have performed two jobs. I have served a church, as pastor, and I have served as a Director of Missions. As a Director of Missions, it is my pleasure to serve forty-three churches. There are times when the juggling act of fulfilling these two positions gets tedious.

I realize I am not alone. Many of you juggle several jobs and are responsible for numerous demands. Some of you maintain a full-time job and serve a church.

I certainly do not hold myself up as unique. However, this experience has taught me much about getting things accomplished. Hopefully my thoughts will encourage you.

How do you juggle two jobs and get everything done? How do you get the maximum input in your various roles? Consider these ideas. They are certainly not exhaustive. Hopefully, they will get you thinking about your life.

  1. Use special moments productively. Each of us have special moments that can be used productively. Examples: Instead of sitting idle while waiting at a doctor’s office, use that time to read or plan, or In between two meetings, when you face dead time, why not fill that time with a small task that fills that (seemingly) dead spot.
  2. Plan ahead! Instead of events slipping up on us we can plan ahead to avoid being rushed. For instance, if your church is planning a Christmas event. Why not begin planning several months out?
  3. Be systematic! In my position as a Director of Missions I try to visit the forty-three churches each year. Since I am serving another church, it is crucial that I be systematic in my visits. I keep a log of my visits and plan ahead. I also use special events, such as revivals, concerts, and Vacation Bible school to systematically get in the churches.
  4. Ask people to help. I am a person that likes to be hands on. However, when your schedule is full you cannot do everything or be involved in everything. As a pastor, I believe I should set an example as a servant leader. Suppose my church conducts a church wide social. I think it communicates a servant example if I jump in and help clean up. People should see their pastor carrying trash. LOL! However, there are some people who have the gift of service. When I am maxed-out I should let them serve. They take great joy in serving. There is no sin in going home early, while others are still hard at work.
  5. Accept your limits! I love to do wood working. The past two years I have put this hobby on the back burner. We cannot do everything. There are times when we must put hobbies on the “to do” list and wait for a better day to fulfill those tasks.

There are times when all of us are squeezed. Jesus lived a busy and demanding life, but He managed to keep things in perspective. He did not allow life to squeeze Him into a mold. He managed His life and schedule in accordance with the Father’s will. That is my prayer for you and for me.

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