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I Caught a Six Pounder

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Recently I took a friend to a catfish pond, in pursuit of the “big one.” I must say up front, it was not a good day for fishing, but it was the only time available. It was cold and the wind was blowing out of the east. My daddy always said an east wind would kill fishing.

Back to the story. Our experience confirmed our worst fears. We did not get a nibble. However, something interesting happened. As we were about to leave, I felt a tug on my line. It did not feel like a fish, but there was something. I reeled my line in and discovered I had hooked another fishing rod. I pulled the rod in and pulled the attached line to the bank. Attached to the line was a six-pound catfish. The fish was healthy, so I cleaned it and carried it home.
Preachers always look for illustrations, so I will not disappoint you. LOL! I saw a couple of illustrations in this story. I hope my thoughts will be helpful to you.
First, even bad news had a good outcome. The fishing trip was planned on a bad day. We had no other options.
The Good News, God can take our bad days and bring good things from them. We see this throughout the Bible. I am reminded of Joseph’s many misfortunes: hated by his brothers, sold as a slave, treated unjustly by Potiphar’s wife, forgotten by his fellow prisoners, and separated from his family. Even these tragedies could not separate him from the conviction that God was working things for HIS glory. (Gen. 45:5-9)
In Philippians 1, we read where false preachers were preaching Christ from impure motives. Paul saw God stirring the pot and good things coming from this tragedy.
Are you facing difficulties in your place of ministry? God might have a six-pounder on your line.
Second, even when you face a mess, (I had a six-pounder, two lines, two rods, and a tangled-up mess to bring in) there is help available. My friend helped me pull in the mess and discover the reason for the heavy pull on my line.
Even when you think you will never untangle the mess there is help available. Sometimes the help comes from our mates. Sometimes the help comes from fellow church members. Sometimes the help comes from a close friend.
Even when the mess is the church we are serving, there is help available. There are many Godly denominational or independent consultants, counselors and local pastors available to advise, serve as mediators, listen and help us sort through options. The important lesson is that we look beyond ourselves for help. There is no reason to struggle alone.
You may think your situation is hopeless. That is not true! God sees potential, even in the most difficult situation. His sovereignty is at work and he provides support for difficult times. He wants us to find victory in our situation.

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