Tuesday, 09 February 2016 16:26

7 Random Suggestions for Younger Leaders

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Written by Ron Edmonson -reprinted with permission


I love working with younger leaders. It keeps me young and it helps me know I’m investing in something and someone who will likely last beyond my lifetime.

I also love sharing some things I’ve learned from experience - some of it from hard experiences.

If you can learn and practice some of what I’ve learned early in your career it will help you avoid having to learn them by experience.

Friday, 05 February 2016 10:29

Go in God’s Authority

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Editor’s Note: We are sharing a 10-part series entitled, “Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Seminary.” This is article 10, taken from Moses’ life, as described in Acts 7:20-36.

I walked into church that day discouraged and defeated. I walked out feeling ten feet tall. What happened? The scripture reading was, “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry.” (I Tim. 1:12)

God used I Tim. 1:12 to remind me that HE called me into the ministry. God reminded me that my authority came from HIM.

Tuesday, 02 February 2016 17:03

Glimpsing God’s Glory

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Editor’s Note: We are sharing a 10-part series entitled, “Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Seminary.” This is article 9, taken from Moses’ life, as described in Acts 7:20-36.

Have you ever seen something you never forget? I remember the pictures of the two planes crashing into the World Trade Center in New York. I will never forget the mental picture of that event.

Saturday, 23 January 2016 18:11

The Most Fun I Ever Had In the Ministry

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A friend challenged me to write an article under this title. She noticed I had posted a number of possible subjects to help preachers get their creative writing juices flowing. The one titled, “Write about the most fun you ever had in the ministry” intrigued her.

I told her I’d give it a try.

Saturday, 16 January 2016 09:56


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Editor’s Note: We are sharing a 10-part series entitled, “Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Seminary.” This is article eight, taken from Moses life, as described in Acts 7:20-36.

Are you always right? Obviously none of us are always right. It is one thing to agree with this principle, but another to accept it. There is something flattering to think that we are “the spiritual leader” and our decisions are always on target.

Thursday, 07 January 2016 22:07

Is It Monday Already?

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On Monday mornings do you sometimes wonder to yourself, “Is it Monday already?” For those of us who serve in ministry, Mondays roll around quickly. I don’t intend to be negative or pour cold water on a good day, but this concept is a fact of life when you serve in ministry. Many articles have been written about ministry blues, which often visit on Monday mornings.

I once heard a pastor say he refused to take Mondays off. His reasoning was that he refused to take a day off when he felt so flat. LOL!

Saturday, 02 January 2016 18:35

Are You a Pastor Stuck on Hurry?

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Editor’s note: As we enter 2016, we need to pause for the teachable moments God has in store for us.

Written by  Charles Stone (reprinted with permission)

Two experiences several years ago on the same day caused me to pause not only my body, but my mind as well. Too often as a pastor I get stuck on “hurry” mode. This makes me miss moments in life that God intended that I pay attention to. Here are those two sobering experiences and what I learned.

Sunday, 27 December 2015 17:05

A Difficult Pastorate Shapes and Sanctifies

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 Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Seminary – Part 7

Editor’s Note: We are sharing a 10-part series entitled, “Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Seminary.” These articles are interspersed with other articles of interest.
In his book, “Surviving a Difficult Pastorate,” Chris Bonts points out that every church is a difficult church. When I read that statement I silently said, “Amen!”
Churches are difficult for many reasons. The reasons include, but are not limited to, spiritual warfare, pastoral demands, tradition, expectations and conflict. “Surviving a Difficult Pastorate” is a good read filled with helpful insights. However, the book is worth the cost even if you only read Chapter Two “Keep a Sanctified Perspective.”
When we face difficulty, God has the goal to continue His work of sanctification in our lives. When I read that statement I no longer liked Bonts. LOL!
Friday, 18 December 2015 16:29

Giving is a Joy

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Do you remember a time when a gift you gave lit up the face of a child or someone special? During the holiday season we are given the opportunity to repeat this action a number of times. As a believer it is my prayer that I would always remember the joy of giving.

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