Monday, 16 July 2012 22:20

Jonathan Edwards was dismissed

Written by Tim Patrick

jonathan_edwards_school2Do you ever feel discouraged, dejected, and insignificant? A few weeks ago my wife,Judy, gave me a copy of a page from a book she was reading (“Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God” by Noel Piper). At one point in the book Noel discusses Sarah Edwards, beloved wife of Jonathan Edwards. In discussing Sarah Edwards’s faithfulness, Noel Piper mentions a trying episode when Jonathan was dismissed from a church In Northampton. This was a prestigious church in which Jonathan devoted twenty years of faithful service, as pastor. From there Jonathan went to a remote church in the wilderness, in a community named Stockbridge. From there he went to be president of Princeton.

As I read this story several thoughts came to mind. First, here is a man who was one of the greatest theologians in American history, and was involved in one of the great revivals of American history, yet, he was terminated from a church. He faced trials.

Also, this great theologian walked through a period of insignificance. He labored for a period of time in the wilderness, as they called it.

The encouraging part, history remembers the great theologian, the great preacher, and the President of Princeton.

Pastor, don’t judge your future by your past. Don’t judge your significance by where you are today. Be faithful where you are!