Sunday, 05 December 2010 00:04

I Hit The Wall

Written by Mike Bedford

My name is Mike Bedford and I pastor College Park Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama. In May of 2010, I as they say “hit the wall” spiritually. I was tired, worn out and spiritually dead. I had not taken a real vacation break in years. The church was doing great. We are in a Capital Campaign to raise money to purchase property for a new church and are planning on relocating our facilities.

From the outside looking in it was all good. The problem was me. I was going through the motions of being a pastor, staying busy with hospitals, meetings, preaching and visiting. My days were filled with appointments, my time was not my own. I let the ministry control me.

So, in May it came crashing down around me. I asked the church for time off to regroup and gain strength. They graciously granted my request and I took three weeks away from the church. I did various things to get my attention away from ministry. Let me tell you it took a while before I felt relaxed as a matter of fact it took me seventeen days before I could say “I am ready to return”. That is not a magic a number, it may take someone less time or maybe more time. That is what it took me.

I spent time resting, reading my bible and praying, as David says in Ps 119:25 “my soul clings to the dust, revive me according to your word”. When I am down, I read the word.

Praise the Lord for a praying, loving wife who stood along side me and encouraged me through this process. She is a true helpmate. I am grateful for a church family that was encouraging and understanding as well.

Since June, I now enjoy ministry and enjoy being a pastor. Now I take time to rest and relax. I take more time with the Lord.

I would encourage anyone who is feeling burnout to take the time away. Once you are feeling better take your day off! Rest is very important.

If anyone would like to talk about this call me at (251) 675-7037 or (251) 510-1966. My email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.