Saturday, 26 May 2012 23:05

Pray For Your Fellow Pastors

Written by Albert Lyles

I was in a meeting the other day and a fellow pastor (I know but not very well) shared a tough decision he had to make. He had to release his church secretary. The secretary could not perform the duties of the job. He said this was tough, but releasing her was the right decision. She had also done other things that justified termination, but the pastor would not share those details. He would not reveal the secretary’s name or her failures. He is a man of great character and did not want to damage another person’s character in order to justify himself.


The end result of this situation was that church members attacked him. They criticized him without knowing the full story and all of the facts. As the pastor shared this story I thought of all the times I had to do similar deeds. I and my family faced attacks because I could not or would not tell the whole story. In trying to protect another person you are criticized for doing right. People jump to their own conclusions.


I felt convicted, as I listened to the pastor’s story. I knew him but never prayed for him. I never thought about him facing struggles similar to my own. I left that meeting with the resolve that I was going to change. (I have retired from full time ministry.) There are a number of fellow pastors facing battles that I have experienced. I have been there, know where they are and need to pray and encourage them. I need to assure them that "this too shall pass".


Brothers, pray for each other. Others face trials similar to those you face. We need each other. Please know this retiree will be praying for those tough days you will face.