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Depression is Real!

Written by Testimony of Jimmy Clark

Depression is real!!!! It can happen to anyone. In April of 2009 my primary care doctor discovered that I had a brain tumor. Through the guidance of my primary care doctor I ended up at a neurosurgeon in Shreveport, La.

I had three brain surgeries in May of that year. After the series of surgeries I was bedridden for a month. I began to deal with the side effects of that ordeal. Being bedridden for so long literally took all my strength. I had to learn to walk again. I came home in one of the weakest conditions of my life.

I am a type “A” personality. I was not able to do things that I had done before the surgery. This weakened condition pulled me down, causing me to go into a deep depression. The result of this crisis was that I was no longer able to perform the duties of a pastor.

I resigned my place of service as a pastor. My doctor suggested that I seek professional counseling. I resisted at first, but Bro. Don Hunt, our Director of Missions, made an appointment for me to speak with a counselor at his office. The Christian counselor listened, shared, and prescribed medication that aided the healing process. Soon I was on the road to recovery.

The sound Christian counseling, medication and my faith in God saw me through this difficult time in my life. One morning, while reading the Word of God, God spoke to me and reassured me of His plans for my life. He told me, “I called you to preach.” I argued with Him, He told me once again, “I called you to preach.” I gracefully accepted His word of encouragement. From this experience I began to study and prepare to preach once again.

I am back in the pastorate, my health is good, and God has given me a wonderful church family. I am so thankful for God restoring my health. I am also thankful He has given Godly counselors, doctors and a wonderful family that was a part of my restoration. They were there for me during this painful time of recovery.

In closing, we (as pastors) should realize that depression is an illness and will not heal itself. Thank God for the medical professionals, counselors, and Christian people He has given to help with the healing process. I thank God, great things He has done.

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