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I Feel Flat

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Do you ever get up in the morning and feel flat? I equate this feeling to a flat tire. A flat tire is depressed, of no value, and not prepared for the purpose at hand. Surely pastors never feel this way. LOL!

So, what can we do when we feel this way? I share these thoughts from my journey.

No matter how bad I feel I begin with prayer. God knows how you feel, so you might as well talk to Him about the problem. In I Kings 19:1-4, Elijah prayed that God would end his misery. Obviously, that is not a solution.   At least Elijah admitted his feelings. We cannot address our needs if we gloss over them. The Psalms are filled with abundant examples of people who acknowledged diverse attitudes. They acknowledged anger, doubt, frustration, a desire to see God take away their enemies - just to mention a few.

After praying I listen. There have been times when a flat attitude came because God was trying to tell me something. This shows up most often when I am considering the wrong sermon. There have been many occasions when God allowed me to slip into neutral because I was going in the wrong direction. An example of this principle is found in Acts 16. Paul was seeking the mind of the Lord. We read were “they tried to go into Bithynia, but the Spirit did not permit them.” Acts 16:7 Paul slid into neutral gear. However, right after that episode Paul was directed to go into Macedonia (Acts 16:9).

After praying and listening to God I change my routine. A change of routine will often put your mind in neutral so that God can redirect. I find that many times God tries to redirect me, but my mind is running so fast, He cannot catch me. A change of routine will help you emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. You can usually accomplish more after a change of routine than pressing on for hours when you are flat.

Another strategy is to get moving. Exercise or a brisk walk can stimulate ideas that were stagnant. This could be a change of routine. I mention it separately because this principle emphasizes physical movement. Exercise stimulates the brain like nothing else.

Also, I find it stimulating to talk to a friend. A friend can and will offer ideas plus speak the truth in love. The friend might mention the previous suggestions, but it is good to hear encouragement from a trusted adviser.

Reading a good book also offers fresh ideas and stimulation. Sometimes we grow flat because we are flat. Mental stimulation, through reading, stirs our brains to seek and pursue new heights.

I share these thoughts to encourage you. You are not weird for feeling flat. We all feel this way from time to time. Also, we serve a gracious God. He sees and knows our bizarre attitudes and behaviors. He did not give up on Moses, Elijah, Jeremiah, Peter, or any 

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