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Leadership is Lonely!

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Do you ever feel the loneliness of leadership? When I feel like having a pity party, I often tell my wife I feel “so” lonely. Why is this the case? Why do we feel this pressure?

The call of God separates. My wife and I have served in four different states and six different churches. I often laugh and tell her I am not sure where I should be buried.

The fact that we are human puts pressure on us. All the time we hear of leaders who fall to the pressure of their humanity (sexual failure, financial failure, lies, cover-ups, etc.) I am not excusing those situations, merely pointing to the reality.

The roll of leader separates. The mere fact that you make decisions and get in front of people separates you from others. The task of being a “spiritual” leader separates you from others. People expect you to be different from other people.

Before thinking yourself into a depression or running away and shedding your responsibility you and I need to accept the facts. A certain amount of loneliness goes with the job.

  • · When Jesus went to the cross He went by himself.
  • · When Jesus prayed in the garden He prayed by himself.
  • · When Paul was persecuted he stood alone. At one point he told Timothy “at my first defense no one stood with me, but all forsook me.” (II Tim. 4:16)
  • · When Noah built the ark he stood alone.
  • · When Joseph lingered in prison he stood alone.

Have you ever thought how lonely the President of the United States must be? He is always in public view, but never alone. Ever decision he makes is scrutinized. His leadership is analyzed in the media every day.

In addition to accepting the facts of your position you need to be reminded who appointed you to your position. God would not appoint you to a position you are un-qualified to fulfill. He thinks you are special. He needs you!

Have you ever noticed how unorganized and disoriented a congregation appears when it does not have a spiritual leader? Your presence brings an anointing from God in that local congregation. In writing to the elders Peter said, “Shepherd the flock of God which is among you, serving as overseers, not by compulsion but willingly, not for dishonest gain but eagerly.” (I Pet. 5:2) A shepherd has a leadership role. A shepherd, out front, is guiding God’s people in behalf of our Great Shepherd. Though alone, what greater task is there?

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