Goal: The goal of our support ministry is to work with ministers to experience renewal when ministry collapses or becomes difficult.

This can happen to anyone. Even Elijah faced a time when he needed renewal (I Kings 19). Elijah was among the greatest prophets in the Old Testament. Elijah was one of two Biblical giants who conversed with Jesus on the Mountain of Transfiguration. He was not a spiritual novice. However, there came a point in Elijah’s life when his enemies overwhelmed him. He became anemic in ministry. He ran away from his problems. He needed rest, renewal, and refreshment.

The Shepherds Connection would like to serve you during those times when ministry becomes difficult.  We would like to assist you in finding resources.

There are times when we need help with personal issues: stress, burn-out, anger, marriage concerns, pornography, moral failure, and the like. We have a confidential data base with the names of individuals who have struggled with numerous personal issues. They are eager and ready to share a word of encouragement, testimony, and to walk with you through your time of trial.

Focus on the Family prints articles related to many personal issues. Focus on the Family

The encouragement section of “The Shepherd’s Connection” has a number of personal testimonies that will be helpful and encouraging to you.

There are times when we need help with church issues: conflict, finances, member expectations, dealing with tradition, and the like. The Shepherd’s Connection has individuals who have experienced most any issue you will face. These individuals have a desire to share their story and their knowledge with you. We also have individuals who will be more than happy to befriend you during this time.

Focus on the Family has articles pertaining to a number of ministry issues.

The Shepherd’s Connection has a support coordinator who can be reached at Threadcraft Counseling. In addition, we work with counseling ministries throughout the country, to whom we can connect you.

Need rest, refreshment, and renewal? The Shepherd’s Connection will gladly assist you in finding a minister’s retreat or getaway that is right for you. Send request to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.